• Rebecca Gardyn Levington

National Poetry Month Day 7: April 7, 2020

Wow! I can't believe I've lasted an entire WEEK doing this poem-a-day challenge. To give some perspective, I NEVER produce at this kind of rate. Generally I ruminate over my poems and stories for weeks and weeks (sometimes months and months). I tinker, tinker, tinker, never feeling like they are ever done. It's been so freeing to work on something for just 24 hours and then release it into the world! Could my poems be better? More polished? Do I inevitably wake in the middle of the night thinking of the perfect line I "should" have used? Absolutely! But I just tell myself: "Too bad girl! That one is OVER. So move on!" It's a mantra I should probably use in other aspects of my life as well! ANYWAY, here's my poem for today. The word is "ZOOM." Bringing a little Halloweeniness to the Springtime. Why not?


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